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Crockery from the Emmental valley

Polka dots

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Product information

There are no moulds for this crockery. The clay is neither pressed nor poured into a mould – it is thrown by hand on a pottery wheel. Interesting fact: The polka dots are not painted on. The unique pieces are painted in a primary colour, then the ceramics painter “dots” them using a Malhörnchen (a small paint pot with a quill) from a height of around 20 cm.

The Caquelon should not be used without the heat distributor (a screen used between Caquelon and Rechaud to spread the heat evenly).

Fondue pot turquoise, Fondue pot yellow
Mug turquoise, Mug yellow
Platter turquoise, Platter yellow
Jug 1 litre turquoise, Jug 1 litre yellow
Flat bowl turquoise, Flat bowl yellow
Heat distributor