Schweizer Heimatwerk

Uraniastrasse 1, Zurich

Schweizer Heimatwerk

Since 1930

Schweizer Heimatwerk

1953 Zurich Airport

Schweizer Heimatwerk

Bahnhosstrasse 2, Zurich

Schweizer Heimatwerk

Present and Future

Schweizer Heimatwerk, founded in 1930, is a modern retail shop today. In our eight shops, we offer the finest «made in Switzerland» handicrafts and souvenirs made of various high-quality materials from innovative and creative artists.

True to our guiding principles: Because gift-giving brings joy.

Schweizer Heimatwerk is the very personal gift shop for everyone who wants to treat themselves or others to select gift ideas from Switzerland.

Because 90% of our products are crafted in Switzerland, Schweizer Heimatwerk is the right partner for «made in Switzerland» gifts. By selling our impeccable, quality items, we promote local workshops and studios and are their main sales channel.

Schweizer Heimatwerk is very customer-oriented, which means that the range of products is selected according to the demographics of the particular shop's location.

The shops feature a bright, transparent design. A visit to Schweizer Heimatwerk lets you immerse yourself in the modern and traditional folk art of our country and is a very special experience.

Our aim is to be the sales outlet for contemporary handicrafts and select souvenirs in the future as well. Switzerland has more to offer than cows and edelweiss. However, we have nothing against cows and edelweiss because modern design can fit hand-in-hand with old traditions very nicely indeed.