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Naef Game (Swiss Hardwoods)

The beginning of a unique play culture

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Product information

These building blocks are among the first toys designed by company founder Kurt Naef, and are therefore a corner stone of the Naef company. The sixteen building blocks, with their eight notches, can be wedged together and interlaced with one another. This allows construction of many types of bridges and towers, which can be even built wider at the top than at the base. The Naef block provides ever-increasing stimulation of children's creativity, because even very sophisticated designs are possible.
The bright maple, the ash with its clear annual growth rings, the rarely-used European chestnut, the beech, the yellow-to-reddish brown elm, the smoked acacia and oakwood, and the fine wood of a walnut tree provide a sensory playing experience.

16 pieces at 5 x 5 x 5 cm each